This service is provided under an "as is" condition. It might change or will be discontinued without prior notice. The maker of this service can't be held liable in any way for any reason.

Privacy policy

We limit ourselves to collect the smallest amount of user data that we need to create a seamless experience when using Talk. This data includes RTCICECandidates & RTCSessionDescription which is needed to establish the video call using WebRTC, your name & chat for a messaging experience inside the app. RTCICECandidates & RTCSessionDescription is not stored in any persistent database, it's removed from the server as soon as the user leaves the call by closing the browser window. Your chat messages, video & audio are all 100% peer-to-peer, meaning they never touch our server at all. We also collect your name which will be stored on your browser and used to identify the chat messages you send.

Talk is purely peer-to-peer, which means the user\'s video & audio is not sent to our server at all. We also use Cabin Analytics to track aggregated usage statistics in order to improve our service.

The makers of Talk have no intention of using personally or selling any of the above-mentioned data.